Professional Advisory Services

We offer professional Advisory Services in diverse fields. The corporate clients need consultancy in the matters related to the Company Board compliance in all respects in respect of conduct of their business safeguarding the interests of the shareholders in the company.

The corporate client is governed by very strict rules any offence taking place needs to be petitioned eliciting full circumstantial facts and explanations to ensure that the client gets relief and is not penalized.

The professional advice is offered to the clients in matters of Tax Planning, helping the clients in preparation and submission of returns based on the financial statements complying with the statutory requirements enforced by Income Tax, Sales Tax and Service Tax authorities from time to time.

We go a step ahead in visiting sites of Industrial concerns to have a look at how they are maintaining their accounts and in the process any faults taking place are revealed in time and rectified well before the closing of the year.

As the year closes there is rush for statutory audit to be carried out within specified time frame so that the business can submit its Income Tax, Sales Tax and Service Tax returns in time.

The Businesses at occasions are subjected to intensive scrutiny in matters of Taxation and are in need of support for truly representing their scrutiny cases hearing proceedings. The right explanations for the alleged objections raised by the Taxation Officials while assessing are beyond the scope of the business owners.

There are occasions when the business cannot satisfy the assessing officer and heavy tax liability gets decided which calls for filing appeals to the higher authorities for seeking the rightful relief to the business.

Our Team Providing Support

Ms. Kalpana Jain a well-qualified and experienced Company Secretary (ACS, M.Com, P.G.DLL, PGDIM) is working in our Firm as an Executive Officer , looking after all company law and other legal matters of the organization.

Mr. Ankit Jain, a well-qualified and experienced Advocate (B.Com, LL.B) is working for our Firm as a Sales Tax Advisor and is looking after all the Sales Tax, Vat related matters of our clients.

Mr. J.S. Chadha is a senior Marketing Professional having vast exposure in diverse commercial fields including management. He is gifted with good communication and administrative skills which enhance our firm’s ability to cope up in current competitive professional environment.

Firm’s Area of Expertise:

The firm is engaged in the activities in the line of Corporate Law, Secretarial Compliance support, Tax Matters, Finance handling, audit and accountancy covering a wide range of sub activities related to the profession. The major and significant activities taken care from time to time by the organization are focused on ensuring that the clients do not suffer due to non-compliance of the prevailing rules and regulations in conducting their business and remain law abiding in whatever field they are engaged in.

We have defined various parameters to keep a check the way our clients are performance and can identify if there is any deviation is taking place leading to wrong path ignorantly followed by the client. Timely corrective steps save lot of botheration for the client later on.