New Business

Jambu Advisory Successful Hatching of New Business

Jambu Advisory is specialized in studying full details of projects which our clients bring with the objective to get it the professional touch so that when their proposed project is presented to Bank for appraisal so that it receives best attention of the Bank Officials.

• Deciding about constitution of the business. What suits best a Partnership business or Incorporated Company? All related formalities are completed before going further.

• Preparing full project Report for submission to Banks for appraisal and sanctioning of financial facilities required for the project.

• Defining the Technology chosen for the project and its benefits over traditional technology in vogue.

• Looking into how the project fits into the Cash Subsidy Promotional Schemes of the State Government.

The first stage is to decide whether the client wants to carry out the business of the proposed project through a Regd. Partnership Firm or as an Incorporated Company. The firm offers professional advice and help so the matters related to the constitution of the firm are settled and completed once for all.

A detailed Project Report is prepared giving details of promoter’s profile, Industrial Scenario of the Project, Land & Building, Plant and Machinery required, Promoters financial contribution, Five years Projected Sales Forecast and Profitability.

The required documents supporting the valuation of land and other securities offered to secure the required term loan and working capital from Bank.

Most of the new and projects carrying out renovation to upgrade their capacities are entitled for cash subsidy under Rajasthan State Promotion Schemes for which applications are processed and followed with agencies sanction the cash subsidy.

Project Finance Division

Our services include project financing consultancy since the year 2000 and have vast experience and expertise in financing through nationalized banks or under consortium fund finance or multiple finance we have successfully complete number of project in various field of Kota region

Because of this expertise we also undertake consultancy in Techno-eco viability of the project considering prevailing rules and regulation and future threat of the business.

The company enjoys high rating and credibility with the Bankers who value the projects put before them by us and are ready to finance the projects of the clients because we do all our homework satisfying the bankers requirements related to their security in extending the called for finance.

Our comprehensive project finance service begins from the very first step and entire sequence is followed for achieving success for the clients. We get continuous flow of referral business created by our satisfied customers by word of mouth publicity.