Career with Us

Mr. Jambu Agrawal encourages Commerce Graduates to the open opportunity to contribute, innovate and work while growing with other intelligent and motivated people. Everyone at every level in every function at JAA is encouraged to have original ideas and to share them – here; an entrepreneurial bent of mind isn’t just an asset, it’s a prerequisite.

To succeed in the career of Accounting Profession all you need is strong passion and devotion to work hard. After
finding the career option at JAA it is easy to hold on displaying the craving to learn and practice. Motivation
builds on as you grow in the career chosen by drawing strength from inspiration you can seek from the JAA
working environment which by now numerous accounting professionals have used and are already continuing in the organization or established their own practices.

If you can crave for professional growth and have pre-requisite knowledge and qualifications then JJA is the right place to avail the opportunity in the very promising field of Chartered Accountancy profession.