A Glimpse of Our Clients Performance – Goyal Vegoils Ltd.,

The Promoters of the company are members of Goyal Group which has become well known in the Edible Oil Industry. Shri Ramavtar Goyal is the proud founder of Goyal Group who has been joined by his Sons and Grandsons to look after the affairs of the Goyal Group to expand the Industrial Empire at Village Kassar, Dist. Kota.  This has been possible with their hard work, sincerity and transparency in business dealings building loyal customers.

Goyal Vegoils Ltd., Village Kasar, Dist. Kota, was incorporated in the year 2003. The Promoters of the Goyal Group are well known for their hard work, sincerity and transparent business working. The sons and grandsons of Shri Ramavtar Goyal are looking after the affairs of the business. In the beginning the company had solvent extraction capacity of 200 TPD, Physical Oil Refinery Capacity of 30 TPD and proportionate Mustard preparatory capacity.


A View of Packing Department

The Jyoti Kiran brand Pungent Mustard Agmark-1 oil, the Premium product of the Company has already gained great popularity in the Rajasthan, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Assam and network day by day increasing across the India, resulting in very encouraging demand in the initial years itself. The Company commenced commercial operations in January 2007.


Automatic Oil Filling Plant in Action

At present the Company’s manufacturing facilities include Solvent Extraction, Oil Refinery and Mustard Preparatory with an installed capacity of 400 Tonns per day (TPD), 225 TPD and 400 TPD respectively.

The Company possesses all the technological advances developed through in-house R&D activities as a result it has deployed CHILLEX Technology responsible for Extraction of highly Nutritious Pungent Mustard Oil (Kacchi Ghani oil).

The Company has set up Flour Milling Plant and Texturized Soya Protein Plant responsible for value addition to its bye products providing nutrition to the population most economically. It is targeting the bakers and confectioners as their new customers.

Company has achieved success in technology to manufacture protein isolate, protein concentrates which shall be used pharmaceutical manufacturers in their formulations.

The Company has set up it’s own 400 Kilowatts captive Power Generation deploying Husk as fuel which abundantly available and works out cheap to generate own power to save the energy bill.

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