A Glimpse of Our Clients Performance – Goyal Proteins Ltd.,

Goyal Proteins made a humble beginning in the year 1999 by setting up their Solvent Extraction and Refinery Plant at KASAR, Dist. Kota, to manufacture Deep Jyoti a premium Edible Oil brand in an otherwise hard to survive edible oil market scenario.


Areal View of the Factory Working Day & Night


View of Massive Storage Tanks

Even after numerous advances the success remains undefined in texts and is mentioned as “Anything that Succeeds is success”. The success of our client is based on our professional support and the THREE GENERATION’S exposure in the edible oil industry and focus on the mission to SUCCEED come what may.

Our Client began with production capacities of Solvent Extraction 150 TPD and Refinery capacity of 30 TPD has over the last 15 years successfully achieved massive expansion in their Solvent Extraction 1100 TPD and Refinery 225 TPD capacities.

Our client in due course established in-house research and development which has been helpful in upgrading the technology and tremendously increasing the quality and efficiency in the production.

Our client has also installed their own 800 Kilowatts captive power generation based on husk fuel which is a waste product generated by the unit and additional quantities required are very cheaply available.

From time to time the unit got cash subsidies on the events of renovation cum enhancement of capacities planned while the unit is shut down for general overhaul.

Our client has also diversified into Poultry Feed manufacturing and value added products from the by-products like resins.

Our client not only improved their production capacities, they also geared up their distribution network marketing thrust moving ahead of the competition. This factor was responsible for getting adequate bank finance to support their marching ahead activities.

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